Ft. Leavenworth CGSC / FMWR Triathlon

4 May 2019 8:00 AM @ Harney Sports Complex

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Getting on to Fort Leavenworth:

For those participants that DO NOT have a Military issued Identification Card (CAC or DD Form 2), and cannot make it to the Visitor Control Center prior to 4pm, you will be sent a form to fill out a couple days prior to the race. Email it back to the VCC Access Supervisor and they will create an access pass that you will receive at the Main Gate (far right hand lane) on race morning. For more information about the VCC Access requirements, call 913.684.3600. Visitors can receive a pass 7 days prior to the event date. The VCC is open 7 days a week.  Please check the Ft Leavenworth gate information website below for any changes that may take place:  For those CCP holders, remember concealed carry is NOT allowed on Federal Property.

Course Description:

The course consists of a 200yd indoor swim, a 12.6 mile bike route, and a 3.12 mile run.

The swim will be an individual staggered start beginning in Lane 1 and
swimming a serpentine route ending in Lane 8.

Exit the pool area thru the back door out into the parking lot to the
first transition area (T1). Leave T1 and proceed out on to the bike

The bike course is an “out and back” route. It has several STEEP hills and winding sections of the route. See the Athlete’s Guide for a detailed description of the route.  If the roads are wet you need to be alert for slick areas because of wet foliage and deadfall from the trees.  The route is two-way traffic for riders (you will have riders on the left side of the road going in the opposite direction).

NOTE – This IS A DRAFT LEGAL race, however you CANNOT ride two abreast
because of the limited road space.  If passing a rider, you have 15
seconds to overtake the rider and move towards the right.

After returning to the transition area (T2) you will rerack your bike
and proceed out on the run.  See the attached Route diagram for the
exact route.

Other Cautions:

  • You cannot mount your bike until crossing the MOUNT Line just outside
    of T1. Likewise you must dismount prior to the line returning to T2.
  • You must have your helmet on AND FASTENED before mounting your bike.  Like wise you cannot remove or unfasten your helmet until you are off your bike.
  • You cannot discard trash or equipment along the bike route. Keep it
    with you until the ride is finished.
  • Headphones / earphones are not allowed on the bike course. This is a
    safety issue!
  • When overtaking another cyclist, announce your intent to pass by stating “On your left!” or “Coming left.” This is to prevent the front rider from moving in front of you (hence the reason for no earphones / headphones on the bike route).
  • Each rider is responsible for any breakdown out on the bike course.
  • Be alert for other riders, and runners. This is the FIRST triathlon
    for a lot of the competitors.

Packet Pick Up:

Packet pick-up will be Friday May 3, 2019 from 4-6 PM at:

Frontier Conference Center
350 Biddle Blvd
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Santa Fe Trails Bike Shop will be on hand  to adjust bikes as needed. Packets can also be picked up Saturday morning in Harney Gym prior to the race.

Athlete’s Guide:

2019 Athlete’s Guide

For more information contact the Race Director: